Friday, November 6, 2015

This is a picture of our fully screened Courtyard at night.  Love it!!


Mary said...

Hi Joan,
You may not remember me I am Mary Bennett from Punta Gorda. You have a beautiful courtyard there my dear. It is fun to come down here isn't it? We have ived here year round now for 16 years. We have lived in our home here we are in for 16 years. We started out living in a trailer park but I told my hubby if we moved down here I would not live in a trailer with the Hurricanes they have and in 2004 Charlie came to visit and it was a boomer. $43,000.00 worth of damage one window blew out we had 180some mile an hour winds and it took most of the Lanias off houses it riddled our Hot tub. Our whole roof came off. We went down to our church and stayed the first couple days and nites then we stayed in our home but it rained in the kitchen I grabbed a 5 gal. bucket put under the spout coming down full of red ants but it all went in the pail.We had to paint all inside and outside. Thank the good Lord it was repairable all done Christmas Eve.
Glad you can enjoy it down here my dear. I would not want to move back to MI. Hugs, Mary Still making cards and in 3 Swaps ! Tea and ! Pocket swap and a Christmas Swap.

ednamburgess said...

Very nice. Bet you enjoy it a lot. Know we would. Edna

Cyndee said...

Wow! So awesome!!

Darlene said...

Oh Joan your courtyard looks SO PRETTY and SO INVITING! How nice that you have a 'relaxing' spot during your winter months like your 'fish pond' relaxation spot back in Indiana during the summer. And, of course it's decorated beautifully! You have such a fabulous decorating touch! ENJOY!