Saturday, December 14, 2013

My New Website

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Watch the video by clicking here!
We have finalized everything for Joan's Gardens and all orders are either shipped or will ship on Monday.  Terri, Chris and I worked almost every night this week until 9 PM and started early again the next morning. 
 I have been so blessed to have these wonderful women helping me the last few years.    Terri,(bottom right) did all the invoicing, Chris (top left) did all the shipping and Karen (bottom left) has worked for me for over 24 years in every business I have had.  She does the bookkeeping and keeps me organized.  Linda (top right) has kept my house looking the way I love it.
I thank God for each of them.
Thanks for visiting me on my new web site.


Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

LOL this is so cute! What a fabulous crew! Congrats on the new site! I'm subscribing so I can follow what you're up to! Good Luck!

Mihaela said...

Congrats for your new blog, Joan! I am waiting to see your new creations.

Mihaela said...

By the way....nice picture!!! :)

Pssequimages said...

Oh Joan, I love your new site...and WOW--how you are setting the ideas afire here with that gorgeous textured window card.
JibJab is just a hoot! Thank you for that too! Can't wait to make one!
Merry Christmas, and HAPPY RETIREMENT.

Gretchen Wilson said...

What a way to start the New Year off with a new blog, a new chapter of your life and all the thankful people that have helped you get there, mainly Our Heavenly Father. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Happy Retirement. LOL You don't retire.

Judy I, St. Louis MO said...

Congrats on your new website. I look forward to seeing more. Enjoy your retirement.

Eileen Lucas said...

Love the new blog name "Joans Touch" great choice me thinks. Love your window card below and the Hilarious little video you made, so cute. The best to you always and cant wait to see your new creations you will be making.

Glenda Brooks said...

I just loved the cute video! I'm sending you best wishes and hope you are ready to begin your next part of the journey! I hope you enjoy retirement as much as I do!

ednamburgess said...

Congratulations on retirement. Enjoy!!!!! Edna

Joan Fricker said...


Cathy Willett said...

very Cute video. Everyone have a wonderful Christmas!

Louise Goddard said...

Love your Christmas card Joan.
Enjoy your retirement & thank you for you special friendship.
I am so Glad,i got too visit you while i was in Indiana last Christmas,with our daughter.
Keep the cards coming & all your events you usually post on family.
I love the video,did a chuckle too myself watching it.
You are an amazing dancer & singer.Wow you can even play music.
Is there no end to your Talent. lol
Beautiful cards & you could go on the road with your act.
Not sure what Hubby will do.
Enjoy your Family & have an Amazing Blessed Christmas.
From Australia
God Bless..Angel Hugs xx