Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July to you!!!

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As we celebrate America's freedom, take time to remember those that fought for us.  Below is a message from Frank Graham (Billy's son) today.  He said it so well, that I wanted too share it with you.

"239 years ago today our DeclarationofIndependence‬ was signed by 56 men. Many of them paid dearly for signing this document—they literally put their lives on the line. Some were hunted down by the British and ended up living in the woods, some lost their homes, some were wounded or captured in the war. There is always a price to be paid for freedom. As something I read recently said: “Freedom is never free and patriotism is not a sin!” The freedom our nation has enjoyed came at a cost by these Declaration signers, and at a cost by our first Continental army and every military service member since then. This‪ July4th‬‪#‎IndependenceDay‬, Remember to pray for the heroic troops fighting for our liberties and those who have sacrificed so much. America has been greatly blessed by God, and we should thank Him for that today—and every day.