Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pictures of our Villa progress

It has been quite a while since I posted, but we have been working very hard to get our Villa into shape and make it ours.  We have moved things out and moved things in,  I still have to arrange the kitchen cupboards (drawers are done) before we leave this coming Friday.  And there is so much that I want to do, but will take my time and do it as I can.  Right now I am on the hunt for  a tablecloth that I love.  Those that know me well, know that tablecloths, napkins and napkin rings are favorite things of mine...I always have  them on my table.  Got that from my Mom as she always did too!!!

This is our courtyard after we have made several changes.  My favorite place.

 The guest room.  I haven't purchased the duvet, etc yet,  I plan to do the room in lime green and white,

The living room after adding the area rug.  I have a gorgeous coffee table that goes in the middle, but we have to get 2 muscle men to carry it in from the garage,

The kitchen and I love it.   This will be the last wall paper to be removed.  All but 2 rooms are papered and we will start removing it next fall.  yuck

The other end of the kitchen which opens into the courtyard,  Will paint the table and chairs that I got at a resale shop.  I want to either find or make a red checked table cloth for it.  The laundry area is on the left.

The other end of the living room.  I love how the kitchen opens to the dining area.

TV room.  Jon painted the walls a light beige. This furniture is just temporary as we want to order 2 lazy boys that are wall huggers.  I picked up the area rug for now, but once we get the lazy boys I will get a larger one to go with the chairs,  Lots of pictures, baskets, florals, etc. will be added.  I just feel very good with what we have gotten done in a little over a week.

Our new comforter, but nothing else yet.  Painting the walls a soft green and accenting in yellows and green.  It is a nice size room and will be able to do a lot to make it beautiful.

So that's it friends.  I hope you enjoy seeing what we are doing.  I am excited as next year I will be able to bring some of my crafting things next year.  I will use a large closet in the tv room for my supplies and hope to pick up a piece of granite for my work space,.