Saturday, January 18, 2014

Butterfly card

Delia Butterfly (98353)
3.5 x 4.9 in., .5 x 2.8 in. body
Call or email Terri to order this butterfly if you don't have it.

I went to a wonderful small scrapbook store in Fort Myers called The Owl and Pussy Cat in Fort Myers this morning.  She had some gorgeous samples and a very nice shop.

I wish I had a sample of the beautiful butterfly card to show, but since we had NO room to bring any of my crafting supplies I will just have to tell you about it.  BUT, if you would like to make the card, I will add Inlinkz so you can post them.  Just let me know.

Use a beautiful Flowered Paper and cut the butterfly about 6 times, big flower paper for top butterfly, then smaller scale underneath.  You can stamp sentiments on underneath butterflies.   Then lay all the butterflies on top of each other and run a nice stitch down the middle of the stack, using a pretty yarn.  Then fan the butterflies and attach it to your card base.  You can do anything to the base card, just use the butterfly as your focal point.   I  cant wait to make it when I get home.  I hope you will give it a try and post it,  Call Terri to order your butterfly.

I signed up to take a class next Saturday.  It is only a demo class but for the $42.00 I get a kit to make it when I get home.    It is a 3 tier heart that pops up and folds flat to mail.  I think the class is expensive but I am so missing being creative so I decided to bite the bullet and take it.  I hope to meet some new crafting friends.

Let me know if you make the card and want to post it.

JUST SO YOU KNOW...For some reason when we made the transfer from my website to Terri, everything now shows up that Terri is doing the posts.
We have tried everything to change it, with no success,  So, just keep in mind that anything that comes from Joan's Touch is from me (Joan) and all of Joan's Gardens is from Terri.  I might start a new blog when I get home, but for now it has to be this way.