Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Preparing for winter

I know I  have been missing, but I assure you I  have not been sitting around twiddling my thumbs.
I am trying to get things ready for winter and also working on birthday cards through March for my family.  Last year I bought their cards while I was gone and believe me, I caught lots of grief for it.
So this year I want to have them all done before I go.  Below are the 3 January birthdays for our grandsons.

I will wrap Hersey Kisses and put inside the box once I get to town.  I wish you could see them in person.   I cut the card part down on the outside at a slant.  I know...it is hard to tell in the picture.

You can see the tutorial at Split Coast Stampers.  There is a video at the bottom of the page.  Just click HERE.  Or you can see several on Pinterest.  They are called Treat Box Card.

This is Bleydn's card.  He loves baseball and was in the all star team this summer.  So I made him a baseball card with his picture on it.  The card opens up at the slant.  As I mentioned, I will add covered Hersey Kisses and his birthday check.
This is Daitin's card.  He loves Leggos, so I found this Leggo car/truck online, printed and cut it out twice and then popped it up.  I used Tim Holts tire tread stamp and I guess it is running on one side up in the air. I didn't think about adding two tire treads until I see the picture here.  Bummer!  :(

This is Caleb Jimmy's card.  He loves airplanes so I had some paper embellishments in the drawer.  I will also add his picture inside, along with candy and a check.
Boys are the hardest for me and I always try to make a card about things they love.  So thankful for the Internet.