Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Noel Christmas Card

This was a quick card to do since I had prepared the Noel by Dream Weaver earlier.  I had the frame and flowers already cut out too.  I believe we all need quick and easy right now!
I popped up the Spellbinder frame on the black suede (velvet) paper and also popped up the Noel.
Last month, my friend Margaret sent me a nice package of Dream Weaver Stencils to try and I fell in love with them and the process she taught me.  So, I place an order for several of the Dream Weaver Stencils.
First, I taped down the stencil with painter's tape, used Wendy Vecchi' White Paste and spread it across the stencil making sure to keep it on the stencil.  Then I carefully removed the tape and stencil and applied Art Glitter over it.  I just can't capture the sparkling beauty with my poor photography skills. please use your imagination.
I took the picture without the flower on the card and then added it.  Which is your favorite?
Sometimes I love plain and simple, but I am anxious to know your thoughts.
Terri is thinking about adding the Dream Weaver Stencils to her line.  Shoot her a quick email
at if you think you would be interested in her doing so.
My email is still the same.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Last Christmas

This picture was taken last Christmas.   It will be fun to see this year's picture comparison.
Kara is standing (she has 4 children), Kelsey is sitting and she now  has 4 boys and Lori our daughter is on the left.  She is the mother of Kara, Kelsey, Nathan and has adopted 4 children.  They are in the process of adopting 4 more.
I kid Lori all the time about how I had ONE daughter and now we have 19 children to love, plus spouses.  I am truly blessed!