Saturday, February 1, 2014

More Tips and a Tag

 I made this tag a couple years ago.

I have taken a couple more classes at the Owl and Pussy Cat store in Fort Myers and learned several new things that I want to share with you.

  • If you are sending delicate cards, make an envelope out of mat board.  You can even address the outside.  I would still place the card inside the clear boxes that Terri at sells. It makes such a pretty presentation.
  • If you are using a craft knife much, a glass cutting mat by Tonic gives a much cleaner and nicer cut.  Terri can order these for you.
  • Brayer paper (such as Tim Holtz's) has a clay coating, so it does not absorb color as much as water color paper.  Therefore, the colors are much brighter.
  • Use a black mirrored paper, (not glossy) add drops of Adirondack alcohol ink colors such as Butterscotch, Terra Cotta, and Cranberry.  You can drip rubbing alcohol on it to scatter the ink some more.  This makes a beautiful paper.
  • If you get adhesive on an area you don't need it, rub some baby powder on that area and it will not be sticky any more.
  • If you are making a card, box or any project that the recipient might not understand how it should look when it is put together, take a picture of it and include it with the project.  This way they will know how it should look.
  • Put double stick tape (such as Score Tape) on back card stock and burnish well. Cut out a word and the card stock should stick to the die. Then take the die and put on card where you want the words and rub hard.  Words will stick to card and will be straight too.  This works great for anything you are overlaying with another die, such as a butterfly or flower.  (I absolutely love this idea)
  • Use the top part of a post-a-note (sticky party) to mark your place when reading instructions.  This way you don't forget where you are at.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Frame and card

Last year I made this card and frame for my daughter's birthday.  This year I might have to buy one for her, as we have decided to stay another month in Florida to the end of March.  After hearing what the weather in Indiana has been these last few, we are not ready to go home at the end of February.

I have attended two more classes at the Owl and Pussy Cat and I have some more tips to share with you in another post.


I bought this wooden frame for $1.00 at Michael's (thanks for the tip Selma).  I covered it with this gorgeous paper from the 8x8 Graphic 45 Secret Garden Paper Pack.  I covered the edge of the frame with Washi Tape that exactly matches the colors in the paper.  Can you see 2 strips of it behind the flower in the middle also?

After gluing down the paper with Glue and Seal and letting it dry, I use the Curl Frame #329 Template around the opening in the frame.  I used the medium weight of Liquidtex, colored it with Tattered Rose Reinker.  After carefully taping down the template, I applied the colored Liquidtex over the template.  After all was covered I carefully removed it and let it dry.   I love what it did for the paper and the change it gave to the look of the frame.  If you double click on the frame, it will enlarge so you can see it better.

Then I covered the inside of the frame with the Secret Garden matching peach paper.  Using some of the paper from the same 6x6 paper pad, I cut out the #3 Build a flower, condition the paper and made the flower.  Adding some rose leaves, pine branches and mini Flourishes the inside of the frame was complete.  I then used another piece of the paper and cut out some of the roses, daisies, violets and butterflies, put a piece of foam and popped everything up on top of the paper on the frame.  It was a nice addition to the finish the look of the frame. 
If you double click on the frame, it will enlarge so you can see it better.