Thursday, May 21, 2015

Birthday Card

Alyssa is one of our adopted granddaughters.  She will be 14 this Sunday.  She has beautiful red hair and gorgeous freckles.  She is going to be a stunning teenager.  She loves pink, so I made the card below for her.

The front of the card.  I found this card stock in Florida that already had the 3 holes cut out and I thought it was perfect for a simple kind of card.  I think Alyssa will love it.
The heart and butterflies are Martha Stewart's punches and the embossed flowers are old Sizzix embossing pad.  

The inside of the card.

It was good to sit down to my craft table again.  I will be getting lots of practice as I have so many birthdays coming up this next month.  My cards will probably a little more simple than what I normally make, just because of the time restraints.  I still don't have my annuals all planted as it has been very cool in Indiana this week. (36 one night).

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

More Spring Flowers

Lupine is one of my favorite flowers and I am so blessed that they self seed each year giving me many new plants the next spring. I love them too because they bloom so long. Our waterfall is very soothing when we sit out by the pond. I don't have my annuals planted on it yet. The pinks (Dianthus) are such a nice addition to my garden and they smell wonderful.


Dianthus (pinks)