Saturday, June 13, 2015

Boy's Birthday Cards

We are celebrating Branch's 2nd and Benaiah's 4th birthday today.
This picture is our Granddaughter Kelsey's family at Easter.
Todd is holding Branch and Benaiah is in front of Kelsey.
They are growing up so fast. I will try and get individual pictures today.
Beckon and Bleydn are also in the front row.
They are a beautiful family.

This card is for Benaiah.  I stenciled it using Dream Weaver Stencils, added the eye and a spider.
White and black embossing paste was mixed to get the color of the elephant.  I did not smooth
out the paste to give a rough skin appearance.  I thought the map looked good with it for interest.
I am not sure why the card doesn't look straight, but it is.  Had to be the angle of the way I took the picture.

Using Dream Weaver Stencils and blue embossing paste I created Branches card.  I added some
silver itsy bitsy little silver balls and an eye for interest.