Thursday, August 7, 2014

Canning Season

Sorry I have been so scarce, but it is canning season on Stanton Road in Indiana.  So far this week I have done 28 quarts of green beans.  These are heirloom beans that we have saved seed for many years.  We call them Louise Beans because a cousin Louise Salyer gave us the seed. I will take a picture of them a little later.

I am working on corn now and boy I sure do miss my Mama as we canned together for so many years.  Sure isn't near as much fun without her.  I am so thankful she taught me how to do this and I have passed it down to Lori.  I hope Kara and Kelsey (Lori's daughters) take an interest at some point in their lives, but right now with 4 small children they each are super busy.

How many of you preserve food for the winter?  And if so what do you do.  Would love to hear from you about your gardens and what you do.

Oh and by the way....the little guy is taking up a ton of my time too.  Right now he is sleeping.
Whew!  But, he is adorable and worth the training time.