Sunday, September 17, 2017

News from Florida

It has been a while since I have had a chance to update you on what is going on in our lives.
You would not believe the whirlwind it has been since July.  We had an offer on our home on a Friday, our good friend Debbie arrived on Monday for a week long visit...,not a very relaxing one for her I must admit as she was a huge help packing.  Lori our daughter, good friends Sherry and Jeff Six and John and Marta Gerard helped pack us up and we left for Florida in 2 weeks and 3 days.  Unbelievable if you (some of you do) knew how much "stuff" we had.  I brought most of my crafting stuff with me too .  We had an estate sale selling everything our kids didn't want or we couldn't take with us.  We did not want to be there to see it go, so we left before it started and we hired a moving company to bring our big stuff.  The rest we broght in our truck and trailer.

Jon hurt his arm in Indiana, but we waited till we got to Florida to have it operated on. After unpacking most of our stuff from the moving company (no craft things are unpacked yet as we are adding on a 16x13 foot craft room) Jon had rotator cuff surgery where the doctor put in 10 screws.  He did great and has had no pain.  But, it limits us on what we can get done.

Then came Hurricane Irma (welcome to Florida, huh???)  We had to totally clear our courtyard, which I had just finished decorating and prepare our house.  We chose to stay in Florida as Jon was not able to drive the many hours it would have taken to get far away from Miss Irma.  

We were so blessed with no damage, but our association looks like a war zone,.  We lost 31 palm trees and several large trees. 3 trees fell on roofs, but as far as I know no damage was done.
Very scary indeed, but by the time it reached our house Irma was reduced to a category 2.  They say we had about 100 mile an hour wind, although we gals played cards all the time even using a flashlight after it got dark.  We were truly blessed.

I purchased a Cricut Air 2 from Terri at Joan's Gardens before I left and I am trying to teach myself how to use it.  I hope to make some Pine Ridge tee shirts at our craft show the end of August.  I have ordered the vinyl from Terri which should soon be here.

I will share what I am doing once I learn the program.  Would love to hear from you .