Thursday, November 20, 2014

Birthday Card for Beckon

Birthday cards for little boys can really stump me and I have 6 great grandsons and 2 grandsons to make each year.
I try to find out what they are "in to" for the year.  Sometimes that makes it even harder.
But, I love the challenges.  How about you.  Are there any cards that are harder for you to make?
My sweet Beckon turned 5 last week.  He is such a wonderful little guy.
He has the sweetest personality and loves everyone.
We attended his birthday party on Saturday to help him celebrate.
Of course, I had to make his card and after checking with his Mama (Kelsey)
she said he is crazy about hunting, guns and that kind of stuff.
I immediately thought of the deer dies I had and thought this card was very fitting for him.