Friday, October 6, 2017

New Card

Most of you are probably familiar with the Cricut.  I now own the newest Cricut Maker.  This machine is totally awesome.  I had an older Cricut years ago and it did not cut with precision at all.  Well, let me tell you this new one does.  It also will cut fabric with a new rotary blade and they're coming out with a knife blade that will cut very heavy things such as chip board.   I'm totally in love with it. So much that I bought my daughter and five granddaughters one for Christmas. I think it will be great for Lori as she home schools the 5 girls and I will have time to spend with them when we go north for the summer.

We  are adding on at craft room and computer room which I think I told you about in an earlier post. Because of hurricane Irma, it has been delayed getting started.  So, at this time my craft stuff is packed and all I really have to craft with is my new Cricut maker. The card  above I made totally with the Cricut, other than the embossing on the front.  The Cricut cut out the design, squares, leaves and even scored it at the top to fold. So much fun.

We have a Craft show in our Association on October 25, so I am selling Tee Shirts with the Pine Ridge Logo on them. I will show you some in my next post,  It has been a very fun new learning experience.