Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Ornaments

Mazelee Rose
I have made 24 of these 2 inch round bottle cap Christmas Ornaments of our family.  I wish I was able to hang them all together for you to see, as they really turned out nice.
First, I took everyone's picture at our Fall Harvest get together.  Then I spent a half of day figuring out in photo shop how to cut them into a circle.  (I used to be pretty good at Photoshop, but I have forgotten a lot of what I knew.)  Then I covered the picture with Ice Resin.  I wish the picture showed the beauty of it, as it really made the difference and will protect the picture for years to come. 
I am sure you all have been very busy too and to think that next week is Christmas.  Wow.
Would you believe that Jon said to me yesterday that much of my busyness is self induced.
I asked him what he meant, and he said well you could buy Christmas cards, you didn't have to spend all that time on these ornaments or make address books for everyone.  He is so right, but I told him that is what I am all about.  I love doing those things.  Last week, I took a jewelry making class and I hope to learn how to make some classy looking jewelry. My goal is to help my Granddaughter Kelsey, get a little business started that she can do from home as she has 4 small boys and needs to be at home with them.  I think that is a great goal and something to keep me occupied. <smile>  Don't you????  Have a great week and enjoy the reason for the season!!!