Wednesday, August 17, 2016


My Mother-in-law had a peach custard pie recipe that she 

used to make which was delicious.So I 

decided to bake one yesterday. Oh my goodness it turned 

out so good The crust turned out perfect 

too! I use the recipe by Alton that you can see

HERE!  My 

Mom always baked me a double crusted 

peach pie for my birthday, and since my birthday is next 

week I treated myself. :)



 1 cup sugar

2 TBS Flour

  2 TBS Soften butter

 - Mix this together until crumbly and put half in the

 bottom of an unbaked pie shell. Lay sliced peaches on

 top of sugar mixture to fill shell. Beat 2 eggs and 

pour over top of peaches and then sprinkle remaining

 sugar mixture over the top. Bake at 400 until knife

 comes out clean and custard is set. I think I baked mine

 for about 40 minutes, but tested at 30.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Butterfly Stand Up Card

I saw this idea on Pinterest,  but no one seem to have instructions on how to do it.  I am not mechanical minded at all, so it took me some time to get it figured out.  But I did, and I love it.  Now I wish I had a larger butterfly die to work with.

First I placed the Memory  Box Butterfly 98583 Delia die a little above the folded card stock and cut it out so there are two connected pieces.  Then I embossed it using a Cuttlebug Embossing Folder called Kassie.  Next I cut another single butterfly with the same die and embossed it with the same folder.  A smaller Cheery Lynn butterfly was die cut.

I scored the fold as deep as I could, then the butterfly that is laying down was scored with the ridge up to prop up the standing butterfly.  The single embossed butterfly was glued to the half of butterfly and the smaller cut out butterfly was attached to that butterfly.  Then a row of  rhinestones were glued to the middle of the top butterfly.

Hopefully this makes sense.  If not email or call me.  I don't have time today to do a tutorial, but if you need it later I will be happy to do so.

Next week I am having all 17 grandkids here for an all day camp.  I am planning crafts, games, bible stories, singing and food.  I have a lot to do to be ready as I want it to be a day of happy memories for all of us.  I will post pictures after next Thursday.