Thursday, March 6, 2014

Beautiful here!

We are in the most beautiful place for the month of March.  The landscaping is gorgeous. Everywhere I look there are stunning flowers and shrubby.  I love to see and hear the soft blowing of palm trees.
I know all of you up north can't wait to see some green grass.  We are now in a 1 bedroom park model in Crystal Lakes Park.  Jon loves it here too as there is so much to do.  The pool is beautiful.
We have been so blessed to be here this winter.
I will be taking some more pictures soon.


Anonymous said...

Eileen L. said.....
How refreshing to see green grass, beautiful flowers and any kind of tree that is green with leaves. Well at least we have some sunshine, thank goodness. Glad you both are enjoying yourselves.

Olga Moore said...

I cannot wait for our snow to melt and for some warm weather to arrive here in Ohio. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and weather. :)

Debi Lefever said...

Oh Joan, I am sooooo jealous. lol To see those beautiful flowers and palm trees, let alone read how beautiful the pool is.....well, it makes my heart yearn even more for the weather to get warmer here in PA. You and Jon deserves every minute of pleasure that God grants you. BTW, how is your daughter and her family coming along after the fire? BIG HUGS.

Anonymous said...

I would certainly wish I could be there with you. It has been brutal in Maryland. So glad you are enjoying your time. Juanita

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

LOL ... oh sure ... rub it in! LOL!
It is BEAUTIFUL and I can hear to soft wind rustling through the palm trees now! Oh wait ... that was just my space heater!
Good you guys are having such a fabulous, warm winter Joan!