Monday, May 12, 2014

Challenge #13

I had the privilege of attending a Dream Weaver Stencil 2 day Certification class last week in Chicago.  It was a fun and a great learning experience using Dream Weaver Stencils and paste.  I want to share some of the ideas and techniques that I learned with you.
We made an idea book using all the different techniques so that it will be easy for us to remember what we did at this class.
Click on pictures to enlarge for better viewing.
I made this book after I got home. How fun and easy.  Have you all made books?
I had not done any that I can remember, so this was exciting for me.
The technique I want to show you is the Shadow Technique using Dream Weavers Regular Paste.

This is the inside of the book and it holds 4 note cards.
This technique shows using Dream Weavers Fern Die.
The left side I used  the negative that was left after cutting out the fern on the right.
The fern on the right used the tip that I shared with you last week, putting the double sided tape on the back of the card stock and then cutting it out.  This way you need not use any other adhesive to glue it down.
I also learned how to use the Kaleidacolor ink.  Did you know you need to push the button in to push the ink pads together and then when you are not using them, pull them apart so they don't bleed into each other?  I did not know this.  Don't they make a beautiful background?
This pictures shows the ink pads spread apart so they don't bleed into each other when not in use.
This pictures shows the ink pads pushed together so that there is no separation when using the brayer.
You push the little button like thing where I have type the instructions.
Be sure when you are finish using the brayer, that you separate them again.
Probably most of you knew this, but I did not so I wanted to share in case some of you did not know.
To get started, tape the Dream Weaver Cattail Stencil down with removable tape.
I masked off the sun and the lake as I didn't want to put them on this design.

Next, color in the stencil with brown.  I  ordered the ink and stencil brushes from Dream Weaver on Friday, so I had to use what I had (archival ink), which didn't work the best.  Dream Weaver ink is much better for this project.

Once that ink is dry, remove the tape and move the stencil slightly to the left and up. Tape the stencil down again. This will give you the shadow effect.

Then using Dream Weaver's Regular Embossing Paste, pull the paste over the stencil.
Let dry completely and then color.  You can use Pan Pastels or Splendor from Dream Weavers.
This is the finished project.  I absolutely love stenciling with Dream Weaver Stencils.  They are metal, and so easy to use.  If you are interested in purchasing some of Dream Weaver Products, you might contact Terri to see if she could order them for you at
By the way, Wendy Vecchi's Paste is made by Dream Weavers.
                   I would love to hear from you on your thoughts of stenciling. 

A badge will be sent to the winner and Terri at Joan's Gardens will be sending a prize to the winner.
Here is what you need to do for this week's challenge!
You can make 3 cards this week
Below is what you need to do for this week's challenge
  • Use a stencil (would love it if you tried the shadow technique, but it is not a requirement
  • Combine 2 patterns of paper
  • Can be a card, a book, a note....
  • You must use a product sold at Joan's Gardens.  Also, mention that you are doing the card/project for Joan's Touch Challenge. It would be nice if you would add this link to your post:
You will have until next Monday, May 19 morning 6:00 AM EST to link your project.
A winner will be chosen from a random drawing for week #13 and the winner of the challenge will be announced May 20



Gretchen Wilson said...

Great card Joan, love the technique and can't wait try it.

Dorothy S said...

Your cards are always so pretty!
Mmmmm...rhubarb pie! Rhubarb was a favorite when we lived in NE - now in AZ I doubt it would grow - guess I could buy it but do not recall seeing any in the stores.
Now about being bored - we have been retired for 22 years (is that possible? - I never have enough time! I still have a list of projects that have not been done in that time. (Now, could I be spending too much time making cards???)