Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Oh how I miss talking to my Mom ....especially in the spring.
We spent so much time talking about our flowers, what was coming up, what we needed to move and on and on.  She gave me such a love for flowers and it was such a big part of our lives together.
We loved walking through each other's gardens and I sure miss that this beautiful Mother's Day morning.  Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!
Last fall I purchased 450 tulip and hyacinth bulbs and planned to get them planted before it turned cold.  After reading the instructions which said don't plant until after the first freeze, I waited.
 Then my brother got very sick and I left for Arkansas and spent a week there for his funeral. That was the week I could have gotten them in the ground.  When I returned home it turned cold and I got extremely busy selling Joan's Gardens.  So, before we left for Florida I stuck all the bulbs in the refrigerator for the winter.  When I returned home, I called the bulb company to see if I should plant them or wait till fall.  I was told to get them in the ground as they would not last till fall.
So, Jon helped me and we planted them,. hoping and praying they would survive.  I am so very happy to report they all came up and are either blooming or setting bulbs to bloom.  I am in love with them and so thankful for God's beautiful creation of spring flowers.  Below are some pictures to let you enjoy them too.



Eileen Lucas said...

Happy Mothers Day Joan. Well your mother sure passed her green thumb to you, your flowers look absolutely beautiful. I so enjoy the pics of your garden. Sadly I lost my Mom when I was 13 so didnt have as much time to create more memories but I do miss her. Sure glad you didnt lose the bulbs, thats a lot of planting for sure.

ednamburgess said...

I miss my Mom just as you do. But all the great memories. Still wish I could call her daily to catch up on things. Glad your flowers did so well. Happy Mother's Day to You. Edna

Rita Crabb said...

Happy Mother's Day Joan. Your blooms are a gift from your Mom! She helped preserve and nurture them for you to enjoy today. God Bless you!

ionabunny said...

Gorgeous flowers. Happy Mothers Day to you

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful flowers. What a delight to read about your wonderful memories of the blessings you and your mother shared together.

I am sure we all have some wonderful memories of our mothers to those who are blessed enough to still have your mother - make sure you make this a special day for her.


cissylovato said...

Happy Mother's Day Joan. Flower's are a real beauty of nature.

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

Happiest of Mother's Days Joan! How wonderful your spring flowers look and I agree with Rita ... I think Ruby was tending to them so they'd be beautiful for you today! Sure miss that special lady ... I didn't know her long, but long enough for her to have a huge impact on me! Blessings my friend! See you next week!

Cherie said...

Happy Mother's Day Joan! Your flowers are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing them with us!

Donna Przybylowski said...

Happy Mothers Day Joan, and I so agree with you, I too miss my Mom so much. We would talk daily or every few days even though she lived in Florida, and I live in NJ, and we were so close, and now that I have become ill, I really miss her counsel, but we learn to adapt.

Anyway, I hope you are doing well otherwise, take care and enjoy that garden of yours!! My husband was out planting some of ours today!!
Talk to you soon.