Thursday, May 1, 2014

Philip and Lori's new home on Easter Sunday

Philip and Lori have moved their family into a wonderful new (to them) home.  We had our Easter dinner there one week later.  It is a 5 bedroom home, which is wonderful for their 8 and possibly will soon be 9 children that they have or are in the process of adopting.  They raised a family of 3 children who now are grown  .Both girls (Kara and Kelsey) have 4 children of their own, so it is a wonderful "gang" when we all get together.  Since many of you have followed my posts on their fire, I thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures I took Easter.
The rooms are all very nice sizes, so they "fit" their family and guests when they entertain.
Nathan, their son is living in Washington now, so he wasn't able to join us.
A largest portion of the furniture you see was donated to them.  The community, churches, friends and so many they didn't even know from many states as far away as Missouri, Wisconsin, Mississippi, etc.  The out pouring of generosity was amazing and we thank God each day for their blessings!!!  Our biggest thanks though, is that they all survived the disastrous fire.
The kitchen is very spacious and plenty room for several of us to work
in it at a time. 

This is where the family gathers to watch TV, play games and
do their home schooling.

 Jon and Jim (family friend) in the "Bible Study" Room.  A room to get a way and have friends.

Dining Room - a great place for their entire family to eat.
Kara - oldest daughter
Her children were off playing.  Travis was home cooking as they had his family coming to their house for Easter dinner.  Kara just stopped by for a few minutes so we could see the kids.
Todd, Kelsey, and boys

The kids taking time out from their Easter Egg Hunt
I tell Lori often that I had one daughter and now look at our family.
Jon has 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren too, so we are doubly blessed.


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Gretchen Wilson said...

What a beautiful and big house for Lori and family, they have been so blessed. So happy for them.