Monday, July 7, 2014

Challenge Vacation Card

Everyone seems to be so busy right now, including me.  We have not had very many entries for the last few challenges, so I am going do things a little different the next few weeks.
I am going to leave this link open and you can find it at the top of the page under Challenges.  When you make a card you can post it and anything goes.  Just  feel free to post your cards or projects (even gardening or recipes) anytime you have something you would like for everyone to see.
I will do the same and hopefully everyone can enjoy each other's projects.  Terri will not be sending any gifts during this time.  So gals, lets have fun and post away.  Enjoy your summer!!!!

I used my Dream Weavers stencil again and colored it with their the acrylic paints. I have fallen in love with stenciling!!! The rectangle spellbinder Gold Rectangle One S411 was cut out and but this time I debossed instead of emboss it..  My friend Judy gave me this adorable Red Poppy Faerie stamp by JustRite and I thought it went great with my flower.  My only negative is I wish she was turned the other way.  I feel she needs to be looking at the flower instead of away from it.  Maybe that is because of my years as an interior decorator that it bothers me.  But. I already had the flower and the rectangle done when I decided to use her.  She was colored with Distressed Inks and I wanted to keep the same color theme, so a select few colors were chosen.  The Love Sentiment by Cheery Lynn and the curved borders by Spellbinders finished off the card

I was about done and I smeared Tattered Rose Ink on the card.  Have you ever done that?  Made me so mad, but I wasn't about to start over.  So, I took a terry cloth towel, lightly inked it with Tattered Rose and sorta stippled all over the card.  I loved it when I finished, so that is I how made lemonade out of a lemon!!   What do you think?


Memaw said...

Well I think it's beautiful and I think her looking at the opposite way the way you have it appears she's looking out a window and you're just showing the beautiful flower she's looking at I think it's an awesome job

barbara macaskill said...

This is a beautiful card! I love it! I also love your lemonade! LOL TFS!

Sharon said...

Done that also and most of the time I just figure someone higher than me wanted it done a different way. Beautiful!!

Pssequimages said...

Thank you Joan. I'm working on some cards and will post them when I get a picture. They're just "cut and paste" that I could bring along on my trip, but are lots of fun to do.

Dorothy S said...

What a lovely outcome of what could have been a disaster! I am pretty familiar with correcting accidents!!
I really enjoy your challenges and the possibility of winning a prize, but I totally understand this new format. My participation has been limited - in order to get on line I have to tote the laptop to our RV park club house - that discourages me from doing lots of challenges, which is what I enjoy so much. Not having the inspiration at hand is hard for me... I should be back full force later this summer, and in the meantime will pop in once in a while. Thanks for your inspiration and lovey photos.

Hazel said...

This is gorgeous. Is there a restriction on the number of entries from each person for this challenge? x