Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lily takes a 3rd and a 5th place today!

Lily  ended up with 2 -3rd place ribbons, 2 -5th place ribbons and 1- 6th place ribbon.
We are so proud of her.

Lily with her 3rd place ribbon at the fair.  Plus another 5th place later in the day.
Wow, this Great-Grandmas is very proud of her.
This is a fairly new horse this year as her other one died.  What a sad day it was for her, but God blessed her with another beautiful horse.  A fun day for sure!

Joan Fricker's photo.
Victor is her horse's name.  Isn't he beautiful.  Lily rides Western.
Waiting for the judges to announce the winners. 
 Following the commands of the judge in the arena.  Love this picture.
Thanks for bearing with me this week and watching my "girl".  Hopefully,
next week I can get back to a normal routine.  Of course, there is outside work that
needs to be done, probably more canning and the daily routines.  But, I sure hope to squeeze
in some card making.
What are you all up to this 2nd week of August.  Where or where is summer going?


Anonymous said...

Eileen L. said...
Congratulations Lily, wow 2 wins, fantastic. Ive been trying to arrange a craft space Ive created and gather things from all the rooms Ive had my pretty things stuffed in. It will be nice to know where everything is and so much easier to make some cards. Cant wait until Im done with it and can use it. A place for everything and everything in its place, oh glory.

Gretchen Wilson said...

Wow, how wonderful for her. A very special day for her and you. I couldn't understand about the fair being on and then remember it's 'MI. not IN. Glad for her. She sure does look cute.

Kay said...

Congratulations Lily. This summer has just flown by. I just can't believe that school starts on Wednesday here in central penna. We are having a picnic at our pond tomorrow....and another one Labor Day weekend and that will pretty much put the end to summer!

Diane said...

Way to go Lily!!!! How fun for you to get to spend some quality time with her...sorry I missed you there both times!!