Sunday, September 13, 2015

Card Making Weekend

I had a great weekend of card making along with 3 other friends, one from Illinois (Bette Hensen), one from Ohio ( Darlene Pavlick) and another from Michigan City (Judy Studer). We all brought new ideas to share and the weekend was great motivation of inspiration.  Two of our crafting buddies Gretchen Wilson and Diane Hover couldn't make it and we sure missed them.

This was Bette's idea.  She taught us this great Flip Card idea that
can be used as a regular card or as shown below- a Gift Card.

This is can be a gift card holder when opened.  I will stamp the sentiment when I am ready to send it.

This was Darlene's idea.  She taught us to water color the flowers.  Didn't it turn out pretty?

This was Judy's idea.  The card is folded in various folds to make this card.  Judy is top notch at figuring out how to do these unusual folded cards.

                                    This was my idea.  We used a paper napkin, sticky powder and Wow Embossing                                        Glitter.  When I send the card, I will add some embellishments and sentiments.  

Another paper napkin idea.  My idea.

This was my idea.  I used a Anna Griffin die for the bottom frame, Cheery Lynn top frame,
Memory box ornament which I cover with a piece of acetate.


Mare Bennett said...

Hi Joan,
These are sooo beautiful, you gals done a superb job on these cards!

I love making these fold cards and if you get the chance , make a Book Card they are really special. I am going to put on the front of my card where the book is, some Bible verses and put gold with fine lines to resemble the pages on the edges as the book stands out like a book it is fantastic ! Our Dailey Bread has them and Jayne and I got them on sale they were all cut out and you got 3 cards in a pkg. Heavy cardstock. I want to cut some of my own out also. Try it you will love them. Good to hear from you again.

Pssequimages said...

What an inspiration....What a wonderful workshop you and your friends had. Thank you so much for sharing these GREAT techniques and ideas. You got some fantastic photos of the cards, (particularly the glitter napkin ones)--so hard to take a picture of! I'm inspired!