Monday, October 12, 2015

New crafting area

We arrived in Florida last Sunday.  Everything  looks so beautiful and it is good to be here for the winter.

We brought our truck and trailer so Jon could bring his motorcycle and I was able to bring lots of crafting supplies.

My thoughts all along have been where am I going to put everything.  Well, I sure have been blessed.  Our new neighbor had a desk and cabinets she didn'the need, so she gave them to me.  Jon removed it from her place and made a great craft area for me, adding shelves above it.
Jon is so good to me and I am so blessed!!

We removed the closet doors and set it in the closet in a bedroom which we have converted into a TV/den room. So I can craft while Jon watches TV/reads.  I still have room for one more cabinet and I will be searching all the many resale shops. (There are over 39 in a five mile span that has wonderful things at unbelievable  prices. find time to craft. 


Diane said...

Wow...good for you, glad to see you have a place to put all your stuff, bet it was hard deciding what to bring though...looking forward to seeing your creativity !!!

Selma said...

This is perfect Joan. I knew you two would figure something out.

Christman's Creations said...

Looks so nice, Joan! So glad for you!

Juanita Braun said...

How nice and how nice of your neighbor and husband to make this come real. Have many happy and fun crafting days. Looks pretty neat so I can see you haven't used it yet or are you just a neat card making person?

Pssequimages said...

How perfectly LOVELY! I'm SO happy for you! DREAM AND DREAM!!!

Donna Przybylowski said...

Hi Joan,
Glad you had a safe trip. John will sure enjoy his bike down there.
And happy for you with your new crafting area. They also have a lot of out door flea markets down there, we used to hit them all the time when I used to visit my Mom in Ft. Meyers, and Bonita Beach.
Oh well, enjoy that warm weather, will think of you often when we have our snow falls.
hugs to you