Saturday, August 27, 2016

Camp Days at Grandma and Grandpa's!

Yesterday we had all 16 of our grandchildren and great grandchildren here for a Grandpa and Grandma Camp day. We had singing, flannel graph Bible stories, games, crafts, and of course lots of good food. What a fun day it was. The kids are already asking if we can do it again next year.
Whiskers anxiously awaiting for the gang to arrive.  He was "dog tired" last night.

My friend Sherry  and my daughter Lori leading the kids in songs.  They love singing and really got into it.

I am using a flannel graph board to tell them the story of Daniel.  They are having a snack while they listen.

Flannel Graph Story of Daniel

Jon sitting up the first game.  He purchased big washers for them to throw into the bulls eye.  We divided them into 2 teams...Red and Blue.  They loved this game and love the competition between teams.

Playing the game.  I hate that I  didn't capture them jumping up and down when someone hit the bulls eye.

Branch (the youngest Great Grandson) doing is picture frame with Grandma.

Caleb and Bleydn working on their frames.

Anna, Benaiah, Bleydn and Lisa working on their frames.

Lily (the oldest Great Granddaughter), Esther and Caleb finishing their frames.

Frames the kids did for one craft.

More of the frames.

Puff Paint that I made using flour, salt, soda and water.  They loved this and were very creative.

The little guys playing the potato game.  So fun.

The older kids playing the potato game.  What a hoot.

Eating lunch.  A favorite thing to do.

Eating ice cream before going home.

I made this treat for the kids yesterday. They love Rice Krispy treats and Watermelon, so it was perfect for them. Taco salad, hot dogs, veggie cups, Doritos, Cheese It's, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Ice Cream with Sprinkles and Chocolate Syrup were also on the menu for the day.


ilenegg said...

What great memories they will all have! They are so lucky to have such fantastic grandparents!

Patti J said...

This memory will forever stay in their hearts! What a wonderful day, and what amazing grandparents you are!!!

Bobbi Miller said...

Joan, such a blessing for you all! As I was reading this and seeing all your photos, I can't help but smile BIG! The kids are so lucky to have you and Jon for grandparents. Such a lovely day!

April said...

What a wonderful day for all of you! My sister in law has mini camps during the summer for her 2 grand kids. I will have to remember this IF I ever have any! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Yep, great memories for everyone. I remember making a doll quilt with my grandmother. My brother worked in my grandfathers shop and made our mother a bread board.

Bless you.


Jan Castle said...

FUN for everyone sums it up perfectly!!!! Good for you and thanks for sharing...brings lots of smiles my way!
Paper Hugs,

Janet Leffler said...

Oh Joan, this looks like so much fun. Your Grandchildren must have had a blast! How lucky you are to have them so close to you that you could do this with them. I am envious. You are so creative. I would want to do it again next year too if I were them. Fantastic! Now, aren't you glad you did not move? You probably would not have been able to do this if you did.

Denise Bryant said...

Busy day! Bet they all had a ball and went home tired out!

Elaine M said...

I'm available for adoption - just saying. Looks like everyone had a fantastic time - such wonderful memories they'll have. WOW would I like to have your craft room - so much space! Thanks for sharing the love with us.

Judy I, St. Louis MO said...

What an awesome day for all of you, and the wonderful memories to cherish forever. You have started a great family tradition.