Wednesday, August 17, 2016


My Mother-in-law had a peach custard pie recipe that she 

used to make which was delicious.So I 

decided to bake one yesterday. Oh my goodness it turned 

out so good The crust turned out perfect 

too! I use the recipe by Alton that you can see

HERE!  My 

Mom always baked me a double crusted 

peach pie for my birthday, and since my birthday is next 

week I treated myself. :)



 1 cup sugar

2 TBS Flour

  2 TBS Soften butter

 - Mix this together until crumbly and put half in the

 bottom of an unbaked pie shell. Lay sliced peaches on

 top of sugar mixture to fill shell. Beat 2 eggs and 

pour over top of peaches and then sprinkle remaining

 sugar mixture over the top. Bake at 400 until knife

 comes out clean and custard is set. I think I baked mine

 for about 40 minutes, but tested at 30.


Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful!

Bobbi Miller said...

Yum! I have to make this. My hubby loves peach pie! Happy birthday!

Janet Leffler said...

This sounds great and so simple--plus I L O V E peaches. Will have to give this a try. Thanks for the recipe.

Darlene said...

YUMMMMMMM! I remember having a piece of Ruby's peach pie ... BEST EVER!!