Sunday, May 6, 2018

A great week!

Jon and I at Boca Grande in front of the Banyan Tree.
Our daughter Lori came to visit with us for 10 days and we had a wonderful time.

Lori  under the Banyan Tree

We took a boat trip around Naples to see the beautiful million  dollar plus homes.
We also saw dolphins.  It was a gorgeous day too,

We did a lot of crafting and Lori made Tee Shirts for all the kids.
Sure hated to see her leave, but was very blessed with her visit.


Louise H. said...

Joan, thanks for sharing your adventure. Time with family is so precious.

Juanita Braun said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. How did those Million dollar + homes look? I bet non of them have that beautiful craft room like you have.

Janet Leffler said...

Joan, Thanks for staying in touch. Happy that your daughter could visit and that you had such a marvelous time together. Family is so important. Nothing like it.