Saturday, May 31, 2014

Spring time flowers

Most of  you know how much I love my flowers and probably understand why I haven't been getting many cards made because of all the outside work.  I thought I would share some of my flowers with you today and tell you about some wonderful friends.

 The gals that I get together with (had pictures a couple weeks ago)  blessed me with this beautiful bench and hydrangea as an memorial of my brother.  I am thrilled and I cherish both gifts.
Thank you again Bette, Gretchen, Judy, Darlene and Diane.  You are great friends!!!
2014 Spring Flowers
My first ever dark peony

Blue and White Iris
Pink Lupine
Peach Iris
Siberian Iris with Hosta

Snow on the Mountain
 (at least that is what Mom called it)

Tree Peony
Yellow Iris



Anonymous said...

Eileen L. said.....
What a beautiful memorial bench. Your flowers are just gorgeous, you surely must have a green thumb Joan.

Carole C said...

The bench is a wonderful gift and the flowers are perfect! I like that you have so many colors. Seems my bed is all pinks and reds with 1 or 2 others!

April said...

Beautiful gifts and flowers! What special friends too.

Jerri Jimenez said...

What a wonderful and thoughtful gift in memory of your brother Joan! What a blessing friends are! Your flowers are breathtaking, I wish I could grow those varieties here :-(