Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Beautiful Flowers

I purchased 2 new lilies last summer and I thought that they did not make it through the harsh winter.
What a nice surprise to walk out to my garden a couple days ago and find them blooming.  I thought I had planted them in a different location.  I want to move them once they are done blooming as they are among taller lilies and aren't as showy as they could be.  Aren't they gorgeous??
I wanted to take more pictures this morning as several more have opened, but it is raining again.
Hopefully tomorrow.

 Red and yellow Lilly

 Pink Lilly
 Peach Lilly


Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

What beautiful lillies Joan! I JUST purchased a yellow/red Asiatic lily like yours this week. Actually, Mark spotted it and wanted it so it is now in with the daylillies at the front steps to our home. Hopefully it will be a good location for it. Thanks for sharing ... your gardens are always so beautiful!

cissylovato said...

Your flowers are really beautiful. I love the peach lilies.

Anonymous said...

You must love gardening to have such beautiful flowers. My lilies are finishing their blooms as we are in the 100 degree temps. Things perk up in the cool fall here in the desert.

Thanks for sharing your pictures I always enjoy them. Paula Norris

Eileen Lucas said...

I love them all. My favorite is the Star Gazer Lily. Beautiful pictures Joan.

Diane said...

Beautiful Lilies......one of my favorite flowers, they put on such a show and yours are no exception...gorgeous...thanks for sharing!!

barbara macaskill said...

WOW! WOW! WOW! LOVE these! I love the Dragon Lilly. Not sure that is the correct name for it but it kind of looks like a dragon's head.