Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Whiskers..our buddy!!!

Yesterday was a very sad and hard day for us  and not much better today.
Our buddy, Whiskers has been such a faithful and good dog for 9 years.
We picked him out when he was 2 weeks old, visited him every 2 weeks until we could get him at 8 weeks.  The first 6 months was the fun times of training a puppy and at times I wasn't sure "I" would make it.  But, all that time was so well worth it as he was one of the best behaved dogs we could have found.
He has not been himself for several months.  In May the Vet said he had 2 bad teeth, so he pulled them thinking that was his problem.  He didn't get better and in fact worse.  We changed vets and the new vet discovered he had a bad infection somewhere.  After numerous visits, tests and medicine he just kept getting worse. The vet suggested we take him to Fort Wayne to the Emergency Veterinary Hospital to get a Cat Scan.  Sunday we were so hopeful as he had the best day he had had in several weeks.  But, yesterday morning he took a dramatic change for the worse (the vet thinks the cancer hit his brain).  After the cat scan we were told he had a tumor in his nasal passage and it had spread to the brain.  Certainly not the news we wanted to hear.  We brought him home with pain meds, but on the way home we decided we just couldn't put him through any more pain.  We stopped at our vet and was with him when she put him to sleep.  Our hearts are broken.  Everything we did he was always right beside us whether it was working in the garden, sitting by the pond or even watching TV.
We are going to miss him and he will always have a place in our hearts.
Our buddy Whiskers!
Whiskers the 4th at 8 weeks
He was Jon's 4th Westie

4 Months Old


Whiskers - a grown puppy
We are dog people and will soon be looking for another Westie.
We feel this honors the previous dog to want another one just like him.


Rita Crabb said...

oh I smiled though the tears at these photos Joan, I so enjoyed being with him each time I visited. A new Westie will be a lucky dog to have you and Jon for parents. sending hugs

Nancy Hill said...

So sorry for losing Buddy. He was so loved and gave so much love. Tough to lose a little friend of so many years.

Donna said...

Losing a best friend is always so difficult. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. Big hugs to you!

Diane said...

Oh no, I had a feeling about Whiskers...I am so glad I got to see and pet him a few weeks ago...Whiskers always liked me (well he liked everybody)..I think he thought I smelled like a dog...lol (Nellie, I am sure)...but he was the best well behaved little guy you could want. I am so sorry Joan, I can imagine the pain you and Jon are going through, but I am glad "he" has no more pain..my heart goes out to you...you know how I feel!!

Bonnie Klocke said...

Sorry to hear about your loss. It is hard to lose such a good friend and buddy. I'm sure he was your baby. So sorry.

Anonymous said...

Eileen L. said....
Oh Joan so sorry to hear about you and Jon having to send Whiskers to
doggy heaven. I know he was very loved by you both and enjoyed very happy surroundings in his lifetime for sure. I too had to do the same last July with my little Pomeranian boy named Willow, I miss him terribly. Im sure Whiskers will help lead you to just the right new pup.

Carole C said...

So sad. I've had to do this three times (Scotties) and it doesn't get any easier but they don't deserve to suffer when they aren't going to get better. He had probably slowed down a bit and a new puppy will be very energetic, so rest up! Hugs.

Olga Moore said...

Joan, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your dog Whiskers. Wasn't it just a short time ago that you lost your dog Buddy? Our pets are a joy and when we lose them, it's like losing a friend.

Mrs. Swandog said...

Joan, I am so sorry you lost your little Whiskers. All I can say is another great one earned his wings!

barbara macaskill said...

My heart is breaking for you! We had to put our Jesse Girl down last year because her seizures were getting so bad that she didn't have much quality of life. Even though it was for the best I still cry a year later thinking about her. We do have another lab now and he has a lot of Jesse's mannerisms so I feel that she is still with us.
I bet Whiskers and Jesse are in Heaven playing and having a great time together! I will tell her to keep an eye out for him just in case they haven't met yet. Hugs (((((()))))))

Anonymous said...

So sorry for your loss. It sounds like you had many great years with your little pal and he just had to go. He couldn't wait for you. Take care and let yourself heal. They are like our children especially when you raise them from babies.
Hugs and tears for your family,

ionabunny said...

So difficult to lose a friend. Thinking of you.