Sunday, June 23, 2019

Get Well Pop up Box

I had lots of fun creating this Get Well Pop-Up Box.  I love  making boxes for our Grandchildren.  Because we have so many, I decided to try and create it on my Cricut, which I did.  It took me a couple plus days, but now I can cut them easily.

It is the same pattern that I did the tutorial on listed under Tutorials on the right.  I used 12x12 paper so it makes a larger box.

In the box I have 2 bouquet of flowers, a butterfly, a Tea Party sign, a food tray, a cup of soup, and a get well sign.  Fun Stuff

Do you enjoy making boxes?  If so what kind?


Louise H. said...

Joan, this is so cute. I have only made a collapsing box once, but none since. I admire those who can do these. Thanks for sharing.

Pssequimages said...

How sweet. These are SO much fun to make aren't they?